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American Factory

An epic saga of the consequences of America's disappearing manufacturing sector and China's resurgence as a world economic power, American Factory is a masterpiece of documentary storytelling. Seeking no easy answers, directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert embed themselves in the life of a shuttered GM plant in Dayton, Ohio that has been reborn as an auto glass factory owned by a giant Chinese company. What ensues is a fascinating contrast in cultures that plays out on the floor of the plant, in executive offices, and throughout the community. Meanwhile, with the plant under pressure to make a profit and workers seeking to unionize, events are about to come to a head.
Sat, May 4 3:30 PM
Sun, May 5 7:00 PM
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Ay Mariposa

Three conservationists with a bent for cogent images and film join forces in the eleventh hour to capture the natural wonder of the monarch butterfly in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas as it faces impending environmental challenges brought on by Trump's border wall. In the film, we meet Zulema Hernandez, a 77-year-old former migrant worker who has joined in the wall protests with her borderlands neighbors, and Marianna Trevino Wright, director of the National Butterfly Center, who is mounting a legal challenge to preserve the butterfly’s habitat that lies directly in the path of the wall. With a strong focus on the wildlife and the people of the US-Mexico borderlands whose lives will be affected, Ay Mariposa is a film that will educate as well as motivate.
Sat, May 4 2:15 PM
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Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World

You may not have heard of Bellingcat, and at first glance, it may seem like some sort of mysterious cyber creation. But from its humble beginnings as just another internet blog, Bellingcat has grown into a revolutionary collective of "citizen investigative journalists" from around the world who are dedicated to transforming the world of reporting in this era of "fake news." Using advanced digital research techniques, these talented and devoted truth-seekers are exposing seemingly impenetrable news stories such as the MH1 airline disaster, the poisoning of a Russian spy in the UK, and hidden crimes of the Syrian regime. This fascinating and exciting documentary will give you insight and hope for the world of journalism, which is being challenged every day.
Sat, May 4 12:00 PM
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Two hours west of Havana lies the small tobacco-growing village of Vinales where amateur photographer Carl Oelerich began a journey that would change his life. For 15 years, Oelerich, a skycap at the Salt Lake City airport, has annually snuck himself into Cuba to capture photos of the lush landscapes and simple campesino life on the brink of change. Over the years, he has formed a close bond with the community’s colorful characters, like philosophical 98-year-old cowboy Modesto, third-generation cockfighter José, and humble farmer Giovanni, who is also a wicked salsa dancer. Using Oelerich's striking black-and-white images as anchors, director Mia Tate has delivered a vibrant glimpse into the lives and culture of a people as they open their hearts and homes in lasting friendship.
Sun, May 5 8:00 PM
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Chasing the Beauty and the Sublime

Magnificent cinematography and sublime music and sounds will entice you to explore enchanted wonderlands around the world and experience the lives of others while they reach beyond personal limits and investigate nature's boundaries.
Sat, May 4 1:00 PM
Sun, May 5 1:00 PM
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In a remote region of Chile, people gather in the Atacama Desert to behold the night sky. Some are planet hunters in astronomical observatories, while many are desert dwellers working the arid land and the sea of their birthplace. What they all share is the profound and endless beauty of the heavens and the mystical feeling of the unknown. Director Alison McAlpine’s lush documentary drifts between science and spirituality and transports us into a calm and transcendent space where we can reflect on the infinite splendor of the heavens. Cielo is an invitation to slow down, rediscover our world, and reflect on the complex beauty of our existence.
Fri, May 3 8:45 PM
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Cold Case Hammarskjöld

The death of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjöld, in a plane crash provides the entry point to Danish filmmaker Mads Brügger’s explosive new film. With the setup of a classic film noir, Brügger (The Ambassador, The Red Chapel) joins Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl as they travel across Africa investigating the long-held rumor that Hammarskjöld was in fact murdered, an exploration that opens a Pandora’s Box of global conspiracy, secret agencies, and unspeakable horror. Winner of the World Cinema Directing Prize at Sundance this year, Cold Case Hammarskjöld is an enthralling, unforgettable experience that will be sparking conversations for years to come.
Fri, May 3 6:30 PM
Sat, May 4 9:00 PM
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DocPitch is designed to connect filmmakers and their ideas to funders, distributors, organizations, philanthropists, fellow filmmakers,  and future audiences. Up to five film projects currently in development or post-production have been selected to present their pitches. The audience will vote for their favorite, which will receive a $25,000 cash award. So become one of the first to witness these new projects in development and help one of them take the cash home!
Sat, May 4 11:00 AM
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Are you a storyteller or a documentary filmmaker? For a film to have impact, it must have a story—and the audience must connect with the story profoundly. For a film to have real social impact, it must expand our understanding, change our perspective, and challenge us to do something. Done right, film can be one of the most powerful tools available to manifest these connections with an audience, who can then help change the world. What elements can you use to create a connection with the audience? How do you encourage an audience to take action? Do you know in development if your film can make a difference? How important is it to join forces with an ‘impact partner?’ What constitutes an impact partner? Join us for coffee, bagels, and conversation with visiting and local filmmakers as they share strategies for connecting with a powerful purpose.
Sun, May 5 12:30 PM
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Into the Canyon

National Geographic photographer Pete McBride and writer Kevin Fedarko, veterans of dangerous journalism, hike the length of the Grand Canyon. Pushed to the edge of survival, they embark on the over-700-mile journey, letting the wilderness and their instinct be the guides. Immersed in unrelenting beauty, they find humility, reflective silence, and true partnership with each other and the canyon itself. Into the Canyon highlights the constant tension between developers out to monetize beauty, uranium ore miners polluting the waters, and Navajo and Havasupai defenders of the sacred ancestral land and water. During the 100th Anniversary of the Grand Canyon National Park, this powerful film asks what we want our National Parks to be and lets the canyon intimately share its grandeur, power, and indomitable spirit.
Sun, May 5 12:00 PM
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Jay Myself

"We do not take pictures. We are taken by pictures." Acclaimed photographer and classic New York character Jay Maisel excavates his remarkable life and extraordinary life’s work as he undertakes the months-long preparation to move from his 36,000-square-foot home in New York City’s Bowery district, a 6-story former bank tower that he and his family have inhabited for nearly 50 years. Playful, profane, and slightly churlish with the intimate and insightful eye of a true artist, Maisel’s unique life and his outstanding life’s work intertwine harmoniously throughout the 72 rooms of his home as former intern and mentee, Stephen Wilkes, ushers in not-entirely-welcome cameras to bear witness to the artist’s self-imposed drastic downsizing.
Sat, May 4 5:30 PM
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Jim Allison: Breakthrough

Spurred on to by his lifelong quest to find a cure for the cancer that killed his mother, renegade, harmonica-playing scientist Jim Allison uses an open heart, imagination, and courageous spirit to seek an answer. He’s relentless in his fight against the skeptics of the medical establishment, but when Sharon Belvin received a then-experimental drug based on Allison's research 17 years ago and her metastatic melanoma tumors vanished, an abiding sense of hope begins to take root. In 2018, this medical hero shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for launching an effective new way to attack cancer by treating the immune system rather than the tumor. The fascinating story of Allison's research is kept lively with simple animation, narration by Woody Harrelson, and harmonica riffs played alongside Willie Nelson.
Sat, May 4 8:30 PM
Sun, May 5 5:30 PM
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Kifaru follows three dedicated rangers in Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy tasked with one very important job: caring for Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino. Without constant protection, Sudan and the other rhinos at the conservancy would be immediately hunted by poachers. As Sudan's health declines, the rangers must confront the grim reality of what his death will mean not only for themselves and the animal they have grown to love but for society and the world as a whole. Kifaru explores the challenges of the wildlife conservation crisis and offers a compelling real-life look into what extinction means not only on a global level but on a personal one as well.
Fri, May 3 6:30 PM
Sun, May 5 12:15 PM
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Laila at the Bridge

Producing 90% of the world's opium, Afghanistan has the highest rate of addiction in the world. But this does not deter Laila Haidari from battling it. Haidari runs the only private drug treatment center in the country, using the profits from her own restaurant to finance it. When her brother struggled with addiction, Haidari helped him get clean and devoted herself to helping others do the same. Despite constant government opposition, physical violence, and even death threats, Haidari fearlessly persists in her quest. Laila at the Bridge offers an unflinching look at the devastation of addiction, but it is also the portrait of a force of nature, a woman whose resolve and courage continues to save countless lives.
Sat, May 4 5:30 PM
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Los Reyes

In perhaps the most touching love story of the year, two stray dogs named Football and Chola playfully look after one another at the skatepark known as Los Reyes in the Chilean capital of Santiago. Not resorting to onscreen interviews or an overarching narrative, filmmaking duo Iván Osnovikoff and Bettina Perut artfully observe with a watchful eye as life unfolds through the antics of the two dogs and a rotating group of young skaters whose raw, sometimes drug-fueled stories provide the background soundtrack. Los Reyes is a poetic and unsparing look at an urban landscape shared equally by dogs and humans who together make this a communal space of refuge and dreams.
Sun, May 5 2:30 PM
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Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

Iconoclast documentarian Nick Broomfield (Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer) once again sets his lens on a famous musical figure in his latest work, taking a personal and illuminating look at the decades-long romance between the great Canadian poet and musician Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse, Marianne Ilhen. Meeting on the Greek isle of Hydra, Cohen and Ilhen forged a loving, complex, and admittedly turbulent love affair that spanned the Western Hemisphere and persisted through fame, heartbreak, children, bankruptcy, and finally illness. Unlike his works on Whitney Houston and Kurt Cobain, Broomfield‘s latest sets aside scandal and weaves in his own personal history with Marianne for a vibrant portrait of the swinging '60s.
Sat, May 4 8:15 PM
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Memory Games

How is it possible for people to remember a deck of cards in 22 seconds, recall 150 faces in 15 minutes, or recite, without a single mistake, over 700 numbers in five minutes? Respected documentarian Janet Tobias (No Place on Earth) teamed with editor Claus Wehlisch (Cloud Atlas) for this enthralling documentary, which introduces us to four remarkable competitors from Germany, Sweden, the United States, and Mongolia as they vie for top honors in the World Memory Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through visually inventive animation, we not only learn how world-class athletes pull off these extraordinary feats but begin to see how we can apply these same visualization techniques to our own daily lives.
Sat, May 4 12:30 PM
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Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

Oscar®-nominated director Irene Taylor Brodsky turns her camera on the challenges of living in an intergenerational world of deafness. Her son Jonas began losing his hearing at an early age and had to undergo cochlear-implant surgery. Now at age 11, Jonas has become interested in music, and with the encouragement of his deaf grandfather, he begins to confront his own limitations by choosing to learn Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for a school recital. In this deeply intimate portrait of a deaf boy growing up and his deaf grandfather growing old, Brodsky weaves past and present footage of family life with sections of exquisite animation paired with the classic work of Beethoven, who lost his own hearing as he completed his iconic sonata.
Sun, May 5 5:15 PM
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