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Boy Nomad

 (20 min)
Nine-year-old Janibek's first love is racing horses through the boundless lands of his home in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia, but he's more than keen to accompany his father as they undertake the toughest journey in a nomad's life—the winter migration.
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Break on Through

 (26 min)
American climber Margo Hayes is on a quest to make history by becoming the first woman to ascend two of the most revered climbs in the world.
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The Call of Pashmina

 (15 min)
When climate change threatens the pashmina industry in a sweeping and remote region in Ladakh, a Kashmiri man quits his job in Silicon Valley to become a shepherd in the high Himalayas.
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Chasing the Sublime

 (6 min)
The haunting beauty and remoteness of the sea envelops 'swim twins' Kate Rew and Kari Furre as they explore their passion for 'wild swimming' with a sailboat as their base.
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Derrick Pottle, Keeper of the Flame

 (6 min)
Inuit elder hunter Derrick Pottle relies on his observations of 60 years to convey the environmental impacts of climate change that are affecting the social fabric and livelihoods of Arctic communities.
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A Film About Animals (For My Children to Watch When They Are Older)

 (12 min)
In a letter to his children, this father is compelled to bring the mournful news of disappearing wildlife despite best efforts.
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Go Go Go

 (3 min)
Who can resist gorgeous, white, blue-eyed sled dogs?
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Land of the Strays

 (14 min)
At her sanctuary in the mountains of Costa Rica, Lya Battle dedicates her life to provide a home for over 1,000 stray dogs.
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The Love Bugs

 (34 min)
For over 60 years, Lois and Charlie O'Brien, two of the sweetest love bugs you'll ever meet, together have amassed world-class collections of weevils and planthoppers that they're prepping to hand over to the Arizona State University so the research will continue.
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Madame Mars: Women and the Quest for Worlds Beyond

 (32 min)
Madame Mars conveys the accomplishments and curiosity of women who not only share the dream of finding one's own place in space but whose accomplishments argue for a more inclusive spacefaring future.
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Martin Hill: Camera Man

 (33 min)
Martin Hill's passion and obsession lead him to be the unlikely curator of an unrivaled collection of iconic Hollywood film cameras.
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Moments of Truth

 (9 min)
Prolific Oscar®-winning filmmaker Chuck Workman composes a love letter to documentary film.
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RJ Ripper

 (19 min)
Rajesh (RJ) Magar's boundless childhood dreaming and unstoppable determination fed an obsession for biking that was forged from junkyard scraps and tested on the rugged trails of the mighty Himalaya.
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 (40 min)
Magnificent cinematography and a sublime sound/music mix of enchanted wonderlands will tempt you to explore the secret lives of trees around the world. Prolific outdoors director Jordan Manley delivers his most exquisite film yet. Simply magic.
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Under Exposed

 (10 min)
Alvan Meyerowitz photographed the best of what Bill Graham brought to San Francisco between 1971-1981 with the sheer magnitude of his work being left unseen for the last 40 years.
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The Wonder

 (6 min)
An elegant awakening to the realization that nature and the beauty of the wilderness are far greater than all of us.
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