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3Deee Mirrors
Space-folding 3D art.
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Abe & Ike
In this parodic rendering, the events in Genesis 22—the ultimate Deus ex machina—are given a contemporary spin in the age of therapy and I-statements.
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Different ways a young woman experiences adrenaline between air, earth, and water.
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Animated Amusements
The secret life of carnival rides.
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Another Time
One mom’s hectic day, informed with regret and resolve, plays itself out.
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As If to Say
A charming visualization of Elizabeth Cantwell’s poem with lovingly stylized grace notes.
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Astro, Naught
A woman takes to the skies in her quest for love.
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At Ease
Swimming in memory and longing, a homecoming vet chooses a momentous day to discover what lies in store for him back in his small town.
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Bad Habits
A profile of a pair of nuns who’ve taken on a very special mission of outreach, compassion, and good humor.
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