St. Vincent

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Section:US Cinema
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Director:Theodore Melfi
Producer:Theodore Melfi
Screenwriter:Theodore Melfi
Cinematographer:Theodore Melfi
Editor:Theodore Melfi
John Lindley
Peter Teschner
Sarah Flack
Cast:Bill Murray
Melissa McCarthy
Naomi Watts
Chris O'Dowd
Terrence Howard
Jaeden Lieberher
Print Source:The Weinstein Company
Note Writer:Laura Henneman


The beloved Bill Murray stars as a decidedly unlovable grouch who’s charged with looking after the precocious kid next door in this darkly comedic and surprisingly sweet film. Vincent, Vin to his friends (which he doesn’t have), is the anti-role model: a drinking, smoking, mess of a man living in Brooklyn with an equally ill-tempered cat. Babysitting, to Vin, means bringing 12-year-old Oliver along on his daily routine: the racetrack, the dive bar, nothing is off-limits. Oliver, immune to Vin’s objectionable qualities, finds these afternoons informative and enjoyable, especially compared to the indignities of middle-school gym class. Vin is more than he seems, and Oliver will make the world see him differently. Newcomer Jaeden Lieberher makes a wonderful odd-couple match for Murray, who plays the depths of his character as skillfully as his caustic exterior. And a word to the wise: Be sure to stay for the credits.

Director Theodore Melfi will attend the October 10 screening.