Femto-Management: A Micromentary

Film Info
Running Time:12
Director:Martin Sweeney


Welcome to the new corporate landscape of leadership in Martin Sweeney’s visionary Femto-Management: A Micromentary (US, 12 min).

Additional Information

Martin Sweeney is a San Francisco-based director, screenwriter and commercial creative director. He has sold numerous feature screenplays to major studios and has had at least one awkward conversation with George Lucas. He is currently developing a television series that is both hilarious and unmarketable. Martin is also the owner of BORRACHO, a creative agency specializing in content, branding, advertising for tech start ups and other young companies. Martin did his kid time in Massachusetts and Michigan's Upper Peninsula before somehow landing a scholarship to Deerfield Academy and graduating with a completely useful bachelor's degree in Drama from the University of Michigan. After raking in hundreds of dollars of prize money from prestigious college writing awards, he moved to New York City to pursue his twin passions of poverty and underemployment. Martin's first big film industry break came in 1998 when optioned a script co-written with his sister Marjorie to indie film producing legend Ben Barenholtz. The project's financing fell apart after a launch party on a yacht in Cannes that Martin was not invited to, an injustice he has been trying to set right for almost 20 years.