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Youth Reel
Lark Theatre Sat, Oct 11, 2014 3:00 PM
Our own peer jury created this youth-produced collection of films from all over the US, as well as Sweden, the UK, and Canada.
Film Info
Running Time:10
Director:Zachary Oschin


One of this year's Youth Reel films.

Additional Information

Zach Oschin, the director, producer, cinematographer and co-writer of “Chris,” is a 16 year old from Westlake Village, California, who has found a passion in meaningful storytelling. While Zach aspires to join the ranks of great filmmakers, he currently also attends high school and participates in various other extracurricular activities such as student government, religious youth involvement, community service and works as an employee of XCOR Aerospace. Developing and creating the film was an unparalleled learning experience for Zach and he looks forward to seeing the film connect with audiences around the world.