The Young Kieslowski


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Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:94
Director:Kerem Sanga
Producer:Seth Caplan
Daniel Leiner
Ross Putman
David Hunter
Chris Colbert
Ben Ross
Screenwriter:Kerem Sanga
Cinematographer:Ricardo Diaz
Editor:Ryan Brown
Cast:Ryan Malgarini
Haley Lu Richardson
Joshua Malina
James LeGros
Melora Walters
Osric Chau
Print Source:Midnight Kiss Inc.
Note Writer:Leah LoSchiavo


A little bit of Juno for all the young dudes, The Young Kieslowski tackles teenage pregnancy from the viewpoint of the unexpectedly expecting father. When Brian meets Leslie at his first college kegger, their loopy instant connection drifts on into the wee hours of the morning and, awkwardly and sweetly, into bed. They emerge to find themselves in emotional foreign territory and stumbling headlong into the land of early adulthood. These two now ex-virgins-one a physics nerd, the other a Bible-thumper-must navigate this new world of indecision, mistrust, acceptance, and despondence, all underscored by youthful, unwavering hope. Writer-director Kerem Sanga hits a seriocomic stride in his nimble second feature, drawing endearing performances from his two young leads (Ryan Malgarini and Haley Lu Richardson), bolstered by indie film stalwarts James Le Gros and Melora Walters. Though blindsided by fecundity, these kids are gonna be all right.

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Additional Information

Kerem Sanga began his work in film as a producer and actor in the independent film STONER (dir. Michael Greene), which premiered at the 2009 Austin Film Festival. That fall, he accepted an Annenberg Fellowship to attend the University of Southern California MFA program in Writing for Screen and Television. In 2011, he completed TRIGGER FINGER, his first feature as director. THE YOUNG KIESLOWSKI is his second. He is managed by Ryan Cunningham and Kendrick Tan at Madhouse. Prior to his work in film, Sanga studied Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin.