Uncertain Terms

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Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:71
Director:Nathan Silver
Producer:Chloe Domont
Josh Mandel
Richard Peete
Screenwriter:Nathan Silver
Chloe Domont
& Cody Stokes
Cinematographer:Cody Stokes
Editor:Cody Stokes
Cast:David Dahlbom
India Menuez
Cindy Silver
Tallie Medel
Hannah Gross
Gina Piersanti
Caitlin Mehner
Adinah Dancyger
Casey Drogin
Nathan Silver
Print Source:Konec
Note Writer:Leah LoSchiavo


A quiet rebellion is simmering at Aunt Carla’s home for pregnant teens. His marriage disintegrating, handsome Robbie flees Brooklyn and an unfaithful wife for his aunt’s wooded upstate retreat. There he does odd jobs, ignores his wife’s phone calls, shares ill-advised cigarettes, and stirs up longing in-and intense rivalry among-the wayward girls. Stripping down a typically salacious subject, director Nathan Silver exposes the far more intimate complexities of human attraction, while deft camerawork and naturalistic performances capture the tangled dynamics of this once peaceful refuge. In the midst of all the fervor, Silver’s own mother provides the earthy, pragmatic center of the film as Aunt Carla, in a part inspired by her real-life experiences. Confidently traversing its rocky terrain, Uncertain Terms embraces life’s imperfect variety and emboldens the heart to find its home.

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Additional Information

Nathan Silver graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2005. Since then, he has written and directed four short films and five feature films: The Blind, Exit Elena, Soft in the Head, Uncertain Terms, and Stinking Heaven. His films have played festivals around the world, including Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Deauville, Vienna, Melbourne, and BAFICI. Filmmaker Magazine named him “one of the most interesting emerging directors in U.S. indie film.”