Summer '82 - When Zappa Came to Sicily

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Film Info
Section:Valley of the Docs
Country:Italy (Sicily)
Running Time:80
Director:Salvo Cuccia
Producer:Eleonora Cordaro
Zappa Family Trust
Screenwriter:Salvo Cuccia
Sarah Kass
Cinematographer:Clarissa Cappellani
Jim Iacona
Editor:Benni Atria
Cast:Frank Zappa
Gail Zappa
Diva Zappa
Moon Zappa
Dweezil Zappa
Massimo Bassoli
Steve Vai
Print Source:Abra&Cadabra


July 14, 1982, was quite a tumultuous day in Palermo. Not only was the Sicilian city in the throes of a bloody mafia war, the ecstasy of the Feast of Santa Rosalita, and the mania of soccer’s World Cup, but Frank Zappa had just arrived for his final European performance. As 20,000 fans gathered in a stadium to witness their hero in the flesh, filmmaker Salvo Cuccia—then a 20-year-old Zappa zealot—was en route to the concert. Little did he or Zappa know that this show—which devolved into guerrilla warfare—was to prove a pivotal event for them both. Cuccia’s lovingly assembled film is both a celebration of Zappa’s mind-boggling talent and a multigenerational family saga that delves deep into The Man from Utopia’s Italian ancestry. With a Zappa-esque blend of electrifying concert footage, Super-8 home movies, colorful claymation, and candid interviews with Frank’s widow Gail; their children, Moon Unit, Dweezil, and Diva; and longtime friend and irrepressible nose-picker Massimo Bassoli, Cuccia champions the rock-‘n’-roll satirist as an enduring icon of freaky freedom.

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Salvo Cuccia director and visual artist, combines in his eclectic experimentation video art, new forms of fiction and documentary. He has created many works, some of them for RAI programs of culture and art "We Are History" and "Warehouses Einstein. "His works have been screened at many international film festivals. In 2005, Martin Scorsese introduced his documentary film “Détour De Seta” at Tribeca Film Festival and Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. In 2013 he participated at 70.Venice Film Festival with the documentary film Summer 82 When Zappa Came to Sicily. His research is now leaning towards the new frontiers of augmented reality and fiction films.