Natural Sciences (Ciencias Naturales)
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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
¡Viva el Cine!
Running Time:71
Director:Matias Lucchesi
Producer:Matias Lucchesi
Screenwriter:Gonzalo Salaya
Matias Lucchesi
Cinematographer:Sebastian Ferrero
Editor:Delfina Castagnino
Cast:Paula Hertzog
Paola Barrientos
Alvin Astorga
Arturo Goetz
Sergio Boris
Vanesa Wainber
Eugenia Alonso

FOCUS ¡VIVA EL CINE! A strong-willed girl reaches a pivotal moment in her life when she overhears a small detail hinting at the identity of the father she’s never known and sets her mind on finding him. Writer-director Matías Lucchesi’s feature debut—winner of the Generation Kplus Grand Prix at this year’s Berlin Film Festival—sets 12-year-old Lila’s quest against a stunning landscape of frozen Argentine mountains and reticent adults who prefer that she stop asking questions and raising the past. In a compelling performance, Paula Hertzog (The Prize, MVFF 2011) inhabits Lila with a quiet ferocity, capturing that familiar balance of preteen irritability and tender emotional yearning. As the quest shifts from a failed runaway attempt on horseback to a tense road trip in the company of a sympathetic teacher, Lila’s resolve remains unbroken. But, as on all journeys of self-discovery, the path takes some unexpected turns and ultimately leaves Lila with a hopeful new sense of direction.


Additional Information

Matias Lucchesi was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1980. He took several courses in theatre, dramaturgy and cinema studies, mainly with Jose´ Marti´nez Sua´rez. In 2007 he shot the short film “Savana” and in 2009 “Distancias”, awarded Best Short Film at Biarritz Film Festival. He also wrote scripts for feature films, including “Raiz”, fifth Opera Prima script 2010 INCAA, selected by Typa and Rotterdam Lab. He partnered with Gonzalo Salaya to write his last two scripts: “El Pampero”, to be filmed in November 2014, featuring Julio Chavez, and Ciencias Naturales, completed in 2013 and awarded “Primer Corte” in Ventana Sur.