Lucky Stiff


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Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Humor-In the Jocular Vein
Running Time:78
Director:Christopher Ashley
Producer:Victory Syrmis
J Todd Harris
Screenwriter:Lynn Ahrens
Cinematographer:Gregory Gardiner
Editor:Trudy Ship
Jeremiah O'Driscoll
Annette Davey
Cast:Dominic Marsh
Nikki M. James
Dennis Farina
Pamela Shaw
Jason Alexander
Note Writer:Pam Grady


FOCUS: HUMOR—IN THE JOCULAR VEIN A sad-sack London shoe salesman’s drab, kitchen-sink-drama existence bursts into a Technicolor musical when an uncle he never knew leaves him a fortune-on the condition that he fulfill the terms of the will during a fun-filled week in Monte Carlo. Meek Harry (Dominic Marsh) travels to Monaco, but he’s not alone. Annabel (Nikki M. James), a representative of the will’s alternate beneficiary; the dead man’s brash mistress Rita (Pamela Shaw); and her browbeaten brother Vinnie (Jason Alexander) all hope to claim the inheritance. An animated title sequence by Emily Hubley sets the retro mood of this effervescent, 1970s-set variation on Weekend at Bernie’s that blends screwball comedy, exuberant production numbers, tender romance, and cartoon fantasy-not to mention a quasi-Greek chorus of drag queens. Breezy, funny, and as glamorous as its Riviera setting, Lucky Stiff also stars Broadway’s Cheyenne Jackson as a charismatic nightclub emcee and the late Dennis Farina (in his final role) as Harry's enigmatic new friend Luigi.

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Additional Information

Chris Ashley is primarily a stage director – and a highly respected one at that. He received a Tony nomination for Best Director of a Musical with the 2009 Memphis and also garnered the Outer Critics Circle nomination for Outstanding Director for the same show. He previously directed the 2007 musical Xanadu on Broadway as well as several other plays and musicals. He has directed a number of off-Broadway shows including Jeffrey in 1992, which received the Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Director, at the Manhattan Theatre Club. Three years later, he directed the movie version starring Steven Weber, Patrick Stewart and Sigourney Weaver.