A Bridge to a Border



Rafael 3 Sat, Oct 11, 2014 2:45 PM
Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:92
Director:Rob Nilsson
Producer:Michelle Anton Allen
Marshall Spight
Rob Nilsson
Screenwriter:Rob Nilsson
Cinematographer:Chris Damm
Galina Pasternak
Editor:Gustavo Ochoa
Luis de la Para
Faith Vasquez
Cast:Richard Castrillon
Tristan Cunningham
Jeff Kao
Deniz Demirer
Alex Hero
Tiziana Perinotti
Michelle Anton Allen
Note Writer:KD Davis


There is a saying that goes, “When a man crosses a bridge, he faces a border.” With Bridge to a Border, Rob Nilsson (Collapse, MVFF 2013; Maelstrom, MVFF 2012) delivers a compelling political thriller with a deeply philosophical bent. US Border Patrol officer Pakal Gomez has made a career out of calculated risks, but following his escape from prison (after having been incarcerated for a crime he did not commit), he’s ready to risk it all. Radicalized in jail by an insurgent group dedicated to “being heard,” Gomez and “The Bridge Group” plan a terrorist action intended to give them an international media forum for their views. In this emotionally charged and suspenseful narrative, Nilsson reflects on the subject of domestic terrorism from the perspective of those lured into its web. In the aftermath of the Occupy movement, this gripping and ruminative film takes a sobering and speculative look at who is Right and what is left of the Left. WORLD PREMIERE

Additional Information

Nilsson has made over 30 feature films with awards including the Camera d’Or, Cannes Film Festival for NORTHERN LIGHTS, the Grand Prize at Sundance for HEAT AND SUNLIGHT and the San Francisco Film Critics Circle Marlon Riggs Award for the 9 @ Night Film Cycle. He was won numerous film festival Lifetime Achievement Awards and Retrospectives most recently in Moscow, Armenia, Syracuse, St. Louis, Kansas City, Mill Valley and Varna, Bulgaria. He has won the Neil Simon Award for screenwriting, the Milley Award for Artistic Achievement from the city of Mill Valley, and is the creator of the Direct Action system of actor preparation used in his feature film productions in America, Africa and Asia. He was also a pioneer in video to film transfer, with the history making SIGNAL 7 (1986) just restored by the Pacific Film Archives, the first feature film transferred from small format video to 35 mm. for international theatrical distribution.