5@5 One Time One Night

  • Ahh... San Francisco Ahh... San Francisco
  • Counting the Dead Counting the Dead
  • Demolition: Troll Demolition: Troll
  • Downton By Lamplight Downton By Lamplight
  • Page Turners Page Turners
  • The Ox The Ox
  • The Rabbit Whisperer The Rabbit Whisperer


Throckmorton Theatre Fri, Oct 3, 2014 5:00 PM
Rafael 3 Mon, Oct 6, 2014 9:15 PM
Film Info
Section:5X5 / Shorts Program
Valley of the Docs
Running Time:63
Note Writer:Kelly Clement


“A wise man was telling stories to me, about the places he had been to and the things that he had seen.” These true-life tales begin with Counting the Dead (US, 7 min), Catharine Axley’s chronicle of a 50-year quest to uncover the names of 1906 earthquake victims. In Megan McHugh’s Demolition: Troll (US, 10 min), the Bay Bridge’s symbolic guardian faces eviction. Ben Proudfoot’s The Ox (US, 10 min) profiles a Vietnam veteran and woodworker helping empower youth through hands-on arts education. With Ahh…San Francisco (US, 12 min), Barrett Edmonds adapts a classic newspaper column by Herb Caen. Matthew Callahan’s delightful Downton by Lamplight (US, 14 min) goes behind the scenes at the Lamplighters Music Theatre as they mount a send-up of the popular British costume drama. Lastly, Joe Kayser presents two short docs for the Marin Humane Society: The Page Turners (US, 4 min), about a dyslexic girl who discovers other kids reading to dogs at the library; and The Rabbit Whisperer (US, 5 min), an inspirational story of a stroke sufferer who volunteers at the animal shelter.

Included Shorts

Ahh... San Francisco (13min) More
Counting the Dead (7min) More
Demolition: Troll (10min) More
Downton By Lamplight (14min) More
The Ox (10min) More
Page Turners (4min) More
The Rabbit Whisperer (5min) More