The 3D Sideshow
  • All Is Not Lost
  • Diary of a Fridge
  • Feast
  • Frogs & Friends
  • A Geek Like Me
  • Get a Horse!
  • The Infernal Cauldron
  • The Longest Daycare
  • Moving Still
  • One Night in Hell
  • Pieces of the Fair
  • Safety Last (excerpt) in 3D
  • White Knuckles
Rafael 1Sat, Oct 4, 2014 11:00 AM Not Available
Sequoia 1Sun, Oct 12, 2014 11:00 AM Not Available
Film Info
Section:Children's Fest
5X5 / Shorts Program
Running Time:90
Note Writer:Robert Bloomberg
Thrill to these depth-defying shorts, all in 3D! Watch a ribbiting rogues gallery in Robert Bloomberg’s Frogs & Friends (US, 7 min). Jason Jameson and James Hall’s One Night in Hell (UK, 7 min) depicts a skeleton’s underworld journey. Did Georges Méliès create the world’s first 3D film? See for yourself in The Infernal Cauldron (France, 3 min). Commissioned by his granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, this iconic sequence,
from Harold Lloyd's Safety Last, originally shot in 2D, was magically transformed by the 3D conversion wizards at Legend3D (US, 4 min excerpt). A train journey goes surreally off track in Santiago Caicedo’s Moving Still (Colombia, 3 min), while Jeff Boller’s A Geek Like Me (US, 4 min) is a tribute to shared interests. Joséphine Derobe’s Diary of a Fridge (France, 9 min) chronicles 30 years in a family’s life. All Is Not Lost (US, 4 min) is a kaleidoscopic view of human connection via OK Go, Pilobolus, and Trish Sie. Bob Venezia’s Pieces of the Fair (US, 3 min) reveals the secret life of carnival rides. David Silverman’s The Longest Daycare (US, 5 min) pits Maggie Simpson against the Ayn Rand School for Tots. Trish Sie’s White Knuckles (US, 3 min) combines 12 pups and a rock band. In Lauren MacMullan’s Get a Horse! (US, 6 min), Mickey Mouse takes a special wagon ride. And finally, Patrick Osborne’s Feast (US, 6 min) shows one man’s love life from his dog’s perspective. Ages 6+
Included Shorts
All Is Not Lost (3min) More
Diary of a Fridge (9min) More
Feast (6min) More
Frogs & Friends (6min) More
A Geek Like Me (4min) More
Get a Horse! (6min) More
The Infernal Cauldron (3min) More
The Longest Daycare (5min) More
Moving Still (3min) More
One Night in Hell (7min) More
Pieces of the Fair (4min) More
Safety Last (excerpt) in 3D (4min) More
White Knuckles (4min) More