Colette the Artist

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Running Time:50 min.


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Special Event—Film Premiere and Workshop

Colette the Artist

A program for all ages and a workshop for artists working in any genre

Screening note: This event is a recording.


For those looking to be uplifted and inspired: Join us for this special, online, international celebration of the premiere of the short film Colette the Artist. This special program will include the film premiere, a Q&A with special guests, and an art-making workshop where audiences will be encouraged to make their own pig art and join in Colette’s online International Pig Art Challenge!


Colette the Artist

Directors The Colettivo | Mexico 2020 | 14 min |


Colette is a very special pig who lives in Todos Santos, Mexico. She’s a thinker, a pig-anthropist—and an artist of the world. She’s surrounded by people who love her, like Don Javier, her rescuer, who saved her bacon and recognized her true calling: Colette is an artist! Cubism, installations, conceptual art, video art: Colette has dabbled her trotters in the lot. And now, she’s out to conquer the world—and our hearts. 

Colette es un cerdo muy especial que vive en Todos Santos, México. Es una pensadora, una cerdo-antropista y una artista del mundo. Está rodeada de gente que la quiere, como Don Javier, su salvador, que le salvó el tocino y reconoció su verdadera vocación: ¡Colette es artista! Cubismo, instalaciones, arte conceptual, videoarte: Colette ha incursionado en el terreno. Y ahora, ella quiere conquistar el mundo y nuestros corazones.

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