Mind the Gap 3: Changing the Industry from the Inside


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Running Time:60 min.


Mind the Gap 3

Changing the Industry from the Inside

60 min. | Free with RSVP


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view until 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 25.


By creating awareness and a conversation around discrimination, marginalization, and underrepresentation, these are organizations, collectives and initiatives striving to address the fundamental systemic inequities of the film industry and effect change from the inside. This conversation explores how these industry players are using their power and clout to create structural change across Hollywood and beyond.


MODERATOR: Tracy Rector, Nia Tero



  • LILIANA ESPINOZA, National Association of Latino Independent Producers
  • LUCY MUKERJEE, Programmers of Colour Collective (POC2)
  • EMILY SMITH BEITIKIS, Paul K. Longmore Institute, Superfest Disability Film Festival


Mind the Gap 3 & 4: Centerpiece Mind the Gap Events

The centerpiece events of this year’s Mind the Gap programming explores two distinct but overlapping strategies adopted by BIPOC-led organizations, collectives, and initiatives in the way they engage with the entertainment industry. There are those in this industry working to effect change from the inside and others who opt to create alternative structures; many combine a mixture of both approaches. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global uprising against racism, this conversation is all the more timely and urgent given the formation of new initiatives and alliances and their shift in focus following both watershed moments of 2020.