Democracy Roundtable


No Longer Available

Film Info
Section:Behind the Screens
Active Cinema
Focus: Democracy
Festival Encore
Running Time:75 min.


Democracy is facing some significant challenges right now. Filmmakers are stepping into the political fray and utilizing film as a vital resource for information, a catalyst for change, and a call to action for deeper engagement in the democratic process. This roundtable discussion will feature the filmmakers and subjects of Festival films that address both the tools and the threats to democracy including voter suppression, protest movements, and the spread of misinformation. In the spirit of civic engagement, the discussion will be streamed live to allow for audience Q&A participation.


We encourage you to view the three featured films in advance:


JIMMEKA ANDERSON – Founder/Executive Director, I AM not the MEdia
LISA CORTÉS – Co-director, All In: The Fight for Democracy
JUDITH ERLICH – Director, The Boys Who Said NO!
DAVID HARRIS – Journalist, Activist
MICHAEL SHERMER, founding publisher, Skeptic magazine; author, Giving the Devil His Due