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Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:108 min.
Director:Noah Hutton
Producer:Joseph Varca
Jesse Miller
Taylor Hess
Screenwriter:Noah Hutton
Cinematographer:Mike Gomes
Editor:Noah Hutton
Cast:Dean Imperial
Madeline Wise
Babe Howard
James McDaniel
Ivory Aquino
Dora Madison
Print Source:Film Movement
Note Writer:Victoria Jaschob


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Friday, October 9, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18.


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Ex-hustler Ray (a charismatic Dean Imperial in his screen debut) can’t catch a break. Struggling to raise enough cash to get his brother the medical help he needs, he decides to join the “cabler” workforce: a job that enables him to gain a lot of money quickly by dragging cable over miles of rough terrain. Meeting an eclectic group of fellow workers along the way, including mysterious Anna (cleverly played by Madeline Wise, Crashing), Ray discovers that what began as a simple get-rich-quick scheme is not quite the easy money he expected. In his impressive narrative feature debut, director Noah Hutton unpacks corporate greed, exploring the paradoxes of the gig economy and raising timely questions about how automation intersects with the role of human labor in society. Featuring an outstanding ensemble cast, this low-key yet prescient satire will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Additional Information

Noah Hutton directed the award-winning documentary features Deep Time (SXSW 2015) and Crude Independence (SXSW 2009). In 2015, he created Brain City, a multi-platform installation in Times Square commissioned by the Times Square Arts Alliance that brought visuals from six leading neuroscience labs to some of the largest outdoor displays in the world. He has written and directed two narrative shorts, Kind of Blue (2017) and Random Legal Move (Part of the 2017 anthology feature Mosaic). Recently he served as editor for the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Mack Wrestles and as editor and cinematographer for the 2019 SXSW-selected pilot Hammerhead. Noah received the Jacob Burns Film Center's 2015 New Lens Award.