The Last Glaciers in Yosemite


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DocLands Shorts: Nothing But the Facts!
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From remote lands and welcoming cultures, from immigration to innovation—we give you nothing but the facts in this program of DocLands short films! After a near-death experience, an Icelandic photographer and former kayaker discovers a newfound passion for surfing and a new perspective worth living for with the birth of his daughter in Chris Burkard’s Unnúr (US 2019, 16 min). Set in one of the most remote and inaccessible volcanic island chains in the world, a scrappy Russian marine biologist encounters sea lion chaos, joyous raptures, and ultimately a greater hope for the earth in Taylor Rees’ From Kurils with Love (US 2020, 24 min).
Queen Without Land (Dronning uten land)
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The majestic landscape of Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, is home to gentle Frost, a polar bear mother, and her romping, rambunctious cubs, captured in affectionate and intimate detail by wildlife photographer and filmmaker Asgeir Helgestad. Over the course of four years, Helgestad tracks and documents the lives of the bears, as well as native foxes, reindeer, seals, walrus, birds, and blue whales—a breathtaking and beautiful ecosystem imminently impacted by rising temperatures and glaciers melting at record speed. Queen Without Land dramatically showcases this epic territory of towering mountains, narrow fjords, and flowering meadows, the dynamic wildlife that populates the land, and the myriad modern threats to its future.
Film Info
Premiere Status:World
Director:Alexander Schwartz
Producer:Bous de Jong
Cinematographer:Alex Schwartz
Editor:Alex Schwartz
Cast:Greg Stock


Yosemite’s first park geologist may be the last to study its iconic glaciers—which are threatened by climate change.