Circus Person


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5@5 Living in Chicago
CAFILM STREAMING ROOM Fri, Oct 9, 2020 - Sun, Oct 18, 2020
“Will you show me someone who may treat me kind, or is this world I live in just a frame of mind?” The urge to test the bonds of old friendships and feel out new tenuous connections make for some very thoughtful and uplifting stories. A shark and a dinosaur find some common worldviews when two costumed sidewalk sign-spinners meet at a fateful intersection in Jason Satterlund’s charming Signs (US 2020, 16m). A woman pitching a TV pilot finds that the memory of a physical trauma can have some incredibly bad timing in Heather Jack’s very touching Avalanche (US 2019, 13m). Infidelity and suspicion have a tense dance between two construction workers on the scaffolding of a highrise in Topping Out (New Zealand 2020, 15m), the directorial debut of actress Kerry Fox (An Angel at My Table).
Film Info
Director:Britt Lower
Producer:Alex Knell
Desiree Staples
Sam Fox
Screenwriter:Britt Lower
Cinematographer:Alexandre Naufel
Editor:Alex Knell
Cast:Britt Lower
Philip Smithey
Ramona Young
Jess Marks


A heartbroken woman finds a sense of renewal with a motley big top crew.

Additional Information

Britt Lower is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker and artist. Circus Person, which she wrote and stars in, is her directorial debut. This winter, she will play a lead role opposite Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette in the upcoming Ben Stiller directed series, Severance. Lower most recently appeared in a major recurring role on HBO’s High Maintenance. Other credits include: Beside Still Waters, Man Seeking Woman, Casual, Futureman, Mr. Roosevelt, and the female-driven western, A Civilized Life.