Ailín on the Moon (Ailín en la luna)


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¡Viva los Niños!
CAFILM STREAMING ROOM Fri, Oct 9, 2020 - Sun, Oct 18, 2020
MVFF’s ¡Viva el Cine! initiative continues its annual celebration of Spanish-language and Latin American films and stories with this festive collection of shorts for families and younger viewers. These kid-centric animated, narrative, and documentary films are a visual feast for both Spanish and English speakers alike. Spelliasmous (Ben Garfield, Cuba/UK 2018, 3 min) takes to the streets of Cuba, where the magic of Harry Potter is alive and well for three wand-wielding friends. In the animated Ailín on the Moon (Claudia Ruiz, Argentina 2018, 5 min), a mother’s patience is tested by her young daughter. For two brothers, a birthday gift of a new watch leads to an anxious countdown to a special moment in time in 11:40 (Claudia Ruiz, Argentina 2018, 12 min). In the mountains of Colombia, an aspiring young bike racer goes to great lengths to cheer on his cycling idol in Champiñon (Luber Yesid Zuñiga Ordoñez, Colombia 2017, 8 min). With animated silhouettes agai
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Director:Claudia Ruiz


A mother’s patience is tested by her young daughter in this charming stop-motion animation that captures the daily joys and challenges of parenthood.

Additional Information

Claudia Ruiz is the Director of El Molinete Animaciones, a specialized stop motion production company from the coastal region in Argentina. She directed the Dr Cocicienzo: The Science of Cooking series in 2012, the stop motion series The League of the Five Pens and The Journey of Gaia, an animation fragment for Bill Plymton’s Your Face Global JAM. She also directed Niñas y niños cuenta for Unicef, and Hablando de cosas serias, Inca Award winner.