Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers (Tottori! Sommeren vi var alene)

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Film Info
Section:Family Films
World Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:78 min.
Premiere Status:North American
Director:Arild Østin Ommundsen
Silje Salomonsen
Screenwriter:Silje Salomonsen
Arild Østin Ommundsen
Cinematographer:Arild Østin Ommundsen
Cast:Billie Østin
Vega Østin
Thomas Skjørestad
Note Writer:Deanna Quinones


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Tuesday, October 13, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the state of California.


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Sisters Vega and Billie set out on a playful camping trip with their father, but must embark on an unexpected adventure to save dad after he takes a fall. As they forge through the woods, nine-year-old Vega holds her ground as the highly responsible sibling while Billie, rambunctious and headstrong at five, stays true to form, making life equally aggravating and magical. Tumbling through sisterly squabbles, quick-thinking solutions, and love-driven faith, this beautifully crafted feature is a true family affair with the charismatic daughters of the filmmaker couple in the lead roles. Set in the sun-dappled Norwegian wilderness, it strikes a perfect balance between scary, sweet, anxious, and funny, without tipping into Hollywood tropes to invoke fear for the lost girls. Instead, it gently reflects the authentic kaleidoscope of humor, frustration, joy, and anguish that is family life, and grants these remarkable sisters a happy ending fueled by the superpowers within their hearts. Age 8+


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