Never Too Late: The Doc Severinsen Story

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Film Info
Section:Valley of the Docs
Festival Encore
Running Time:84 min.
Director:Kevin S. Bright
Jeff Consiglio
Producer:Kevin S. Bright
Jeff Consiglio
Ariana Garfinkel
Cinematographer:Ryan Miyamoto
Alexandre Naufel
Print Source:Just Bright Productions
Note Writer:Brendan Peterson


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view until 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 25, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the state of California.


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Who is Doc Severinsen? The colorfully dressed bandleader from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? A spectacular, underrated trumpet player? A complex man who prioritizes music over all else? According to this revealing documentary, it’s all of the above. An internationally famous (and enigmatic) figure, Severinsen makes for a fascinating subject in this intimate, surprising film. Veteran television director and producer Kevin Bright (Friends) joined forces with award-winning editor Jeff Consiglio (Twinsters) to capture the 92-year-old workaholic Severinsen in his element—performing, teaching music, working out, and making the occasional protein shake. Their cameras reveal a man always in motion, forever striving to hit that impossible high note and never sitting still. Never Too Late: The Doc Severinsen Story combines interviews with Doc’s inner circle, terrific music and elated trumpet playing, and hilarious, iconic Tonight Show moments for an inspirational, honest, and illuminating portrait.


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Additional Information

Kevin S. Bright is Executive Producer of the Emmy Award® winning television series Friends and directed over 50 episodes of the show including all 10 season finales. Among other television and film credits, Bright is Executive Producer of the documentary Best and Most Beautiful Things is the director of a forthcoming documentary on the Korean dog meat trade, Nureongi. Jeff Consiglio is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose credits over 30 years include the Oscar-winning film Inocente, the Oscar®-nominated film Wardance, Peabody winner Life According to Sam, and more. Never Too Late is the feature directorial debut for both directors.