The Names of the Flowers (Los nombres de las flores)

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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Viva el Cine
Running Time:79 min.
Director:Bahman Tavoosi
Producer:Gisela Savdie
Andrea Gutierrez
Wendy Donnan
Aonan Yang
Abhay Yousefi
Andreas Mendritzky
Screenwriter:Bahman Tavoosi
Cinematographer:Nicolas Taborga
Cast:Jorge Hidalgo
Barbara Flores
Jose Duran
Willson Tapia Echalar
Print Source:Green Ground Film Production
Nirvana Film Production
La Gacela Ciega
Fire Twins
Note Writer:Lucy Laird


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Friday, October 9, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the United States.


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Almost 50 years have passed since Che Guevara was executed in a Bolivian schoolhouse, and officials are staging an anniversary celebration. Determined to be a part of the event is Julia, the teacher who served captive Che his last meal, a bowl of soup, and to whom the revolutionary recited a poem about flowers. Every day, to stake her claim in this tiny patch of history, Julia shuffles up the dusty road to the school carrying a clay tureen of soup and a vase of flowers. The celebration’s planners however doubt her story, casting about for a more believable narrator for the tourists. But who’s to say whose version of history is true—and does it matter? With eye-popping cinematography, this film is like a series of paintings come to life, from still lifes in Julia’s kitchen to grand Andean landscapes. It is a rumination on truth’s fluidity and the realities of life on the arid plateau, and the film’s gorgeous imagery, like Julia’s story, endures.


En el 50 aniversario de la ejecución del Che Guevara, la maestra de escuela que le sirvió un último plato de sopa está decidida a reclamar su parte en la historia. Pero, ¿está mintiendo, y eso importa? Esta película impresionantemente fotografiada es una rumia sobre la fluidez de la verdad, la opresión gubernamental y la vida en la meseta boliviana.

Additional Information

Bahman Tavoosi began his career as a journalist and filmmaker at the age of 18 in Iran, in the capital city of Tehran. After making a few short films, Tavoosi moved to Canada where he directed the feature documentary Dress Rehearsal for an Execution. The film received nominations and awards from more than 50 film festivals, among them Hot Docs. The Names of the Flowers is Tavoosi’s first feature fiction film and it’s a coproduction of Bolivia, US, Canada, and Qatar.