Lagoon Park - Marin Center Sat, Oct 10, 2020 7:30 PM
Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:94 min.
Premiere Status:North American
Director:Gia Coppola
Screenwriter:Gia Coppola
Tom Stuart
Cinematographer:Autumn Durald
Cast:Andrew Garfield
Maya Hawke
Nat Wolff
Jason Schwartzman
Note Writer:Diane de Monx


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Bored with her life both online and in the real world of Los Angeles, twentysomething Frankie (Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke) finds a new spark in life after a chance meeting in a mall with the strange and magnetic Link (a larger-than-life Andrew Garfield). Secretly filming Link deliver a public, anti-capitalist tirade (while wearing the bottom half of a mouse costume) and uploading it to the internet, Frankie turns her new uninhibited friend into a viral sensation. But as the two become closer and Link’s fame surges, Frankie starts to question whether she’s discovered a social media prophet for the ages or given a platform and an audience to a fraud. Following her exceptional 2013 debut Palo Alto, Gia Coppola’s sophomore feature is a vibrant and timely satire of celebrity in the influencer age, accentuating the significant imbalance between viable human connections and social media follower counts.


A Telluride Film Festival selection

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Additional Information

Representing five generations of the Coppola family, Gia Coppola is an accomplished filmmaker and photographer. Born and raised in Los Angeles by her mother Jacqui Getty, Coppola graduated from Bard College in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. When asked to be in a video by a friend, she declined. The friend then challenged her to make her own video instead, launching her into the ‘behind-the-camera action’ and following in the footsteps of her grandfather, her grandmother, her aunt Sofia, and her uncle Roman. Coppola made her directorial feature debut with Palo Alto in 2013.