I Carry You with Me


CAFILM STREAMING ROOM Fri, Oct 9, 2020 6:00 PM - 8:15 PM
CAFILM STREAMING ROOM Sat, Oct 10, 2020 2:00 PM - 4:15 PM
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Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Viva el Cine
Running Time:111 min.
Director:Heidi Ewing
Screenwriter:Heidi Ewing
Alan Page
Cinematographer:Juan Pablo Ramírez
Cast:Armando Espitia
Christian Vazquez
Michelle Rodríguez
Angeles Cruz
Luis Alberti
Raúl Briones
Print Source:Sony Pictures Classics
Note Writer:Joe Bowman


Screening note: This film will screen virtually on Friday, October 9, between 6:00pm and 8:15pm PT, and on Saturday, October 10, between 2:00pm and 4:15pm PT, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the United States.


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In this double prizewinner at Sundance, a single, knowing glance between two men in Puebla City, Mexico sets off an epic romance that spans multiple decades and thousands of miles. Leading decidedly different lifestyles, Iván (Armando Espitia, Our Mothers), an aspiring chef balancing thankless jobs with spending time with his young son, and Gerardo (Christian Vazquez, Trade), a handsome, out-and-proud teacher, find themselves at a fateful crossroads when Iván decides to risk everything by relocating to New York City, imploring Gerardo to leave his comfortable life behind for a chance at a new beginning together. Oscar®-nominated director Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp; One of Us, MVFF41) makes her first venture into narrative cinema, while expertly weaving documentary footage of the real-life Iván and Gerardo who inspired the film. Chronicling the lives of these two remarkable men from childhood to the present day, this visually stunning mosaic is a heartfelt testament to the dreamers searching for acceptance in what was once the land of opportunity.


La nominada al Oscar® Heidi Ewing hace su primera incursión en el cine narrativo con este romance épico entre dos mexicanos que arriesgan todo al mudarse a Nueva York como inmigrantes indocumentados. Este trabajo doblemente galardonado en Sundance es un testimonio lírico y sincero de los soñadores que buscan un nuevo comienzo en lo que alguna vez fue la tierra de las oportunidades.


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Additional Information

I Carry You with Me (Te llevo conmigo) marks Heidi Ewing’s debut as a narrative director. As a documentary filmmaker, she is known for special access and a bold visual style. Jesus Camp (co-directed with Rachel Grady) was nominated for the 2007 Academy Award®. Other notable titles include: One of Us, Norman Lear Just Another Version of You, Detropia, 12th & Delaware, The Boys of Baraka, The Education of Mohammad Hussein, The Kid With the Dog, Branded, Freakonomics, and Love Fraud. She is a proud member of the Directors Guild of America and AMPAS, and the co-owner of Brooklyn’s Loki Films.