The Heist of the Century (El robo del siglo)

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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Viva el Cine
Running Time:114 min.
Director:Ariel Winograd
Screenwriter:Alex Zito
Fernando Araujo
Cinematographer:Félix Monti
Cast:Guillermo Francella
Diego Peretti
Luis Luque
Pablo Rago
Rafael Ferro
Print Source:Latido Films
Note Writer:Leah LoSchiavo


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view between 6:00pm PT on Thursday, October 8, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the state of California.


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OPENING NIGHT ONLINE: Buckle up for this wildly entertaining ride through the plotting, prepping, and execution of one of the greatest bank robberies in Argentinian history. Saturated with eye-popping color and infused with droll humor, director Ariel Winograd injects Hollywood heist tropes steeped in heavy doses of Tarantino and Ritchie, stylishly matching the sheer audacity of this real-life band of brothers’ ingenious criminal work. Based on the true story of the 2006 Banco Rio heist in Buenos Aires, the plot cleverly intertwines the thieves’ paths of assembling, planning, and implementing their plan to net a potential $25 million payday. The clever casting coup of Guillermo Francella (The Secret in Their Eyes) and Diego Peretti (The German Doctor, MVFF36) heightens the tale’s witty rapport, while Winograd showcases an incisive attention to detail and a mastery of suspense, set to a rockin’ score featuring Frank Sinatra, The Kinks, Andrés Calamaro, and Argentinian punkers Los Violadores y Dos Minutos. This is some electrifying risky business you don’t want to miss!


Abróchate el cinturón para este entretenido viaje a través de la emocionante ejecución de uno de los mayores atracos a bancos en la historia de Argentina. Esta historia astuta y fascinante se amplifica con el humor gracioso y su magnético dúo de protagonistas formado por Guillermo Francella (El secreto en sus ojos) y Diego Peretti (El doctor alemán, MVFF36).


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