He Dreams of Giants


CAFILM STREAMING ROOM Fri, Oct 9 - Sun, Oct 18
Film Info
Running Time:83 min.
Director:Keith Fulton
Louis Pepe
Producer:Lucy Darwin
Keith Fulton
Cinematographer:Lou Pepe
Jeremy Royce
Note Writer:Leah LoSchiavo


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Friday, October 9, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the state of California.


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Following their exceptional portrait of Terry Gilliam’s doomed struggle to bring his adaptation of Don Quixote to the screen, directors Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe pick back up with Gilliam 15 years after Lost in La Mancha. Full of behind-the-scenes moments of inspiration, collaboration, anguish, and triumph, He Dreams of Giants is the sequel we never thought we’d see, as Gilliam successfully continues his 30-year quest to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, now starring Oscar® nominees Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce. With cues from Fellini’s , Fulton and Pepe document the culmination of Gilliam’s life in film, illuminating his copious talents, obsessions, and humor, as he’s fully engaged to confront self-doubt, mortality, and artistic compromise in order to fully realize his long-held dream.

Additional Information

Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe are directors of both documentary and fiction films and have made movies together for over 20 years. They are fellows of the Sundance Institute's Writer's and Director's Labs, the Documentary Story & Edit Lab, and the Catalyst Forum. Fulton and Pepe’s documentary feature Lost in La Mancha stands as the first and only verité chronicle of the collapse of a major motion picture. Their fiction film debut Brothers of the Head was winner of the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature in 2006.