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Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Mind the Gap
Running Time:80 min.
Director:Kate McLean
Mario Furloni
Producer:Laura Heberton
Screenwriter:Mario Furloni
Kate McLean
Cinematographer:Mario Furloni
Cast:Krisha Fairchild
Frank Mosley
Lily Gladstone
John Craven
Note Writer:Angelique Smith


Screening note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Friday, October 9, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18, and is available to ticket buyers and passholders within the United States.


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Deep in the majestic woods of Humboldt County, there is much more “green” than what’s on the trees. Devi, an aging, free-spirited pot farmer, lives a tranquil life in a remote house adorned with wind chimes, cassette tapes, and memories. Devi’s land has sustained her ability to artfully cultivate legendary cannabis strains with love, and to create an idyllic community with the young harvesters who count on her for employment, advice, and friendship. But with the legalization of marijuana comes corporatization, permits, and bureaucracy. Running out of options—and customers—Devi must come to terms with the potential loss of her livelihood in an industry that is rapidly leaving her behind. Written and directed by Mario Furloni and Kate McLean (Pot Country, MVFF34), this naturalistic, emotional thriller features a stellar performance from Krisha Fairchild (from Trey Edward Shults’ acclaimed Krisha) as the quietly desperate Devi, longing for a time to which she can never go back.


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Additional Information

Kate McLean is a critically-acclaimed filmmaker and producer. Three of her short docs have been in the NY Times Op-Docs series. She is a producer on Bill Nye: Science Guy (SXSW 2017) and We Are As Gods (SXSW 2020). Her first feature, Freeland (SXSW 2020), directed with Mario Furloni, is a recipient of IFP and SFFILM/KRF grants. Mario Furloni is a Brazilian-born director and Bay Area-based cinematographer. He has directed films with Kate McLean, and he is the cinematographer and co-producer of the critically-acclaimed documentary The Return, which won the Audience Award at Tribeca 2016 and was nominated for Emmy® and Peabody awards.