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Section:5@5 Shorts
Mind the Gap
New Zealand
Running Time:98 min.
Note Writer:Sterling Hedgpeth


Please note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Friday, October 9, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18.


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“Will you show me someone who may treat me kind, or is this world I live in just a frame of mind?” The urge to test the bonds of old friendships and feel out new tenuous connections make for some very thoughtful and uplifting stories. A shark and a dinosaur find some common worldviews when two costumed sidewalk sign-spinners meet at a fateful intersection in Jason Satterlund’s charming Signs (US 2020, 16m). A woman pitching a TV pilot finds that the memory of a physical trauma can have some incredibly bad timing in Heather Jack’s very touching Avalanche (US 2019, 13m). Infidelity and suspicion have a tense dance between two construction workers on the scaffolding of a highrise in Topping Out (New Zealand/UK 2020, 15m), the directorial debut of actress Kerry Fox (An Angel at My Table). The lives of a Mexican house painter and a Chinese classical pianist intertwine as two immigrant stories show the same spiritual hope and pathos in Tracy Shen’s Out of Place (US 2020, 20m). A heartbroken woman finds a sense of renewal with a motley big top crew in Britt Lower’s Circus Person (US 2020, 17m). And an African American woman and her Latina best friend find that a road trip to Idaho can take some very unusual turns in Lola Glaudini’s powerful Mighty (US 2019, 17m). Don’t miss this wonderful set of stories that speak deeply to matters of the heart.

Included Shorts

Avalanche (12min) More
Circus Person (17min) More
Mighty (16min) More
Out of Place (19min) More
Signs (15min) More
Topping Out (15min) More