5@5 Breakout


No Longer Available

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Section:Family Films
5@5 Shorts
Hong Kong
Running Time:84 min.


Please note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am PT on Friday, October 9, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18.


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"Brighter than the lightning, you go as far as you go. You got to be what you know." Often referred to as "digital natives," today’s youth filmmakers display talent that extends far beyond their fluency in technology—it is evident in their storytelling, their innovation, their creativity, their fearlessness. This year’s collection of peer-reviewed, youth-produced short films spans genres from animation to documentary, comedy to sci-fi, and showcases an international cohort of storytellers eager to forge new paths for the future of film: Seeing Things in Black and White (Ashley Lee, US 2020, 3 min), Baskethood (Tsz Shun CHOW, Hong Kong 2020, 9 min), Migrantes (Ian Duncanson & Ethan Swope, US 2019, 11 min), The Painter (Vivian Blantz, US 2020, 3 min), Golem (Theo Taplitz, US 2020, 1 min), I'll Be There (Kallista Palapas, US 2019, 11 min), It's Nicer Here (Kane Parsons, US 2020, 10 min), For Your Memory (Katrina Kwok, US 2020, 3 min), No Fan of Andy (Kai Tomizawa, US 2019, 7 min), The Movie About Us (Keung Chor-Kiu, Hong Kong 2020, 9 min), The Dummy (Sidney Kuehn, US 2020, 6 min), Potluck (Olivia Squires & Jared Goudsmit, US 2019, 5 min), Side EFX (Students of Toon Club & Oberoi International School, India 2019, 2 min), We Still Matter (Talia Smith, Ashalia Dawkins, Sophia Kerner, & Lauren Pyfer, US 2019, 7 min), A Cure for Humanity (Jared Fontecha & Iziyah Robinson, US 2020, 6 min). Age 12+

Included Shorts

Baskethood (8min) More
A Cure for Humanity (6min) More
The Dummy (5min) More
For Your Memory (2min) More
Golem (1min) More
I'll Be There (10min) More
It's Nicer Here (9min) More
Migrantes (10min) More
The Movie About Us (8min) More
No Fan of Andy (7min) More
The Painter (3min) More
Potluck (4min) More
Seeing Things in Black and White (3min) More
Side EFX (1min) More
We Still Matter (7min) More