Odd Brodsky



Throckmorton Theatre Fri, Oct 4, 2013 9:30 PM
Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:93
Director:Cindy Baer
Producer:Cindy Baer
Thomai Hatsios
Screenwriter:Matthew Irving
Cindy Baer
Cinematographer:Matthew Irving
Cast:Tegan Ashton Cohan
Matthew Kevin Anderson
Scotty Dickert
Cindy Baer
Elana Krausz
Jim Hanks
Print Source:Free Dream Pictures LLC


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World Premiere

Cindy Baer (Purgatory House, MVFF 2004) explores the hopes and aspirations of a recent oddball transplant to Los Angeles in her whimsical, quirky comedy about following your dream. When Audrey Brodsky is born, her parents recognize a new little artist in the world. As a girl, Audrey (nicknamed Odd) is perpetually optimistic, and gamely jumps into the pursuit of a life in art. After attempts at singing, piano, painting, dancing and violin fall short, she discovers drama—and a vision of her future is born. Fast-forward to her early 20s: Audrey hitchhikes from Hollywood, Iowa, to Los Angeles with a backpack and an endearing optimism. There, our lovable loser with a big heart takes a steady day job until she finally musters the courage to quit and become an actress. And that’s when the true adventures begin, ones Audrey could never have dreamt.

—Lily Buchanan

Additional Information

Cindy Baer is an acclaimed director, producer and actress. After selling her clown business in 2000, she soon discovered a passion for filmmaking. Her debut feature Purgatory House (MVFF 2004) screened at 25 festivals, won 12 awards, appeared on five critic's lists for "Best film of the Year" and was released by Image Entertainment. Her short Morbid Curiosity (MVFF 2006) screened at 28 festivals and won 4 audience awards. Recent acting credits include the roles of Lizzie Borden in the newly released horror film Lizzie, and Jillian in Few Options, which is currently airing on Showtime. Cindy co-wrote Odd Brodsky with her husband, cinematographer Matthew Irving.