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Film Info
Section:Children's FilmFest
Running Time:88
Director:Anthony Giunta
Producer:Howard Alter
Steven Lerner
Screenwriter:Anthony Giunta
Cinematographer:Giacomo Belletti
Editor:Robert Larkin
Cast:Kenton Duty
Daniel Flaherty
Katherine McNamara
Mary Beth Peil
Kyle Dean Massey
Print Source:Percolate Productions


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World Premiere

It takes a leap of faith to trust yourself and others when loyalties pull in different direction. These are the stakes in MVFF’s World Premier of Contest. Matt (Kenton Duty) is a major bully. Tommy (Daniel Flaherty) is his favorite victim. Matt is warned by school administrators that if he and his friends don't stop bullying, he will be expelled, destroying his chances for a swimming scholarship. In an effort to salvage his scholarship opportunity, Matt pretends to become Tommy’s friend. He even joins Tommy's team in a local cooking contest.  Somewhere along the way, though, Matt suddenly begins to wonder if he’s just acting the part or if he is really beginning to like Tommy. As the Contest unfolds and stakes grow higher, old emotions resurface and the line between friend and foe is blurred. Ages 7+

—Roberta McNair

Additional Information

Hailing from Philadelphia, Anthony Giunta makes his feature-film screenwriting and directorial debut with Contest. Following a long career in senior management in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Anthony decided to follow his lifelong passion for storytelling in Act 2 of his life. As a former bullied kid, he wanted to draw upon his own experiences, and combine them with the world of unlimited access teens today face with each other through social media, texting, etc. Anthony plans to continue writing works for film and theater that he hopes will entertain and enlighten audiences for decades to come.