The Year and the Vineyard (El Año y la Viña)



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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Running Time:80
Director:Jonathan Cenzual Burley
Producer:Jonathan Cenzual Burley
Screenwriter:Jonathan Cenzual Burley
Cinematographer:Jonathan Cenzual Burley
Editor:Jonathan Cenzual Burley
Cast:Andrea Calabrese
Fede Sánchez
Javier Sáez
Laura Drewett.


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World Premiere

In Spanish and Italian with English subtitles.

A brash Sicilian soldier on his way to the Spanish Civil War falls through the sky and into the present-day wine country of Salamanca, where he is greeted with good news and bad. The good: His army won the war. The bad: His lover, Isabella, along with life as he knew it, are all lost to the past 75 years, which for him are mere secondsold memories. As the solider struggles to make 21st-century sense of a bizarro world where hybrid cars are now parked in front of castles, he becomes increasingly intent on finding a way back onto the more familiar battlefields of 1937. Director Jonathan Cenzual Burley (Soul of Flies) festoons his second feature with a host of colorful characters, all sharing dry and witty words of wisdom amid the fable-like cinematic style for which Burley is quickly becoming known.

—Delfin Vigil


Additional Information

Jonathan Cenzual Burley (b. 1980, Salamanca, Spain) He moved to England in 1997, where he started working in film by creating projections for various bands during their live concerts. While travelling around South America he collaborated on a film with the production company Black Boot Beach in Argentina. After a few years he returned to South America where he spent time in Colombia and Panama as a photographer. He has also worked with British bands Last Days of Lorca, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Polymath and 900 Spaces, being responsible for their artwork and music videos.