Capital (Le Capital): Tribute



Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Special Events
Running Time:114
Producer:Michele Ray-Gavras
Jean-Claude Grumberg
Karim Boukercha
Cinematographer:Eric Gautier
Editor:Yannick Kergoat
Yorgos Lamprinos
Cast:Gad Elmaleh
Gabriel Byrne
Natacha Régnier
Céline Sallette
Liya Kebede



Join us for a Tribute program featuring a conversation with Costa-Gavras, moderated by beloved Mill Valley actor/activist Peter Coyote, and a screening of Capital. 

Costa-Gavras will be presented with the MVFF Award, designed by acclaimed Mill Valley artist Alice Corning. After the screening, join us at Odalisque Café (1335 Fourth St.) just steps away from the Rafael Film Center, to enjoy cuisine that blends both French and North African flavors using fresh, local, sustainably grown produce and meats. You will also have the opportunity to view the exhibition "Memento Mori," a street art-based installation featuring two unique Bay Area artists, Eddie Colla and D Young V. The exhibition is on view at Art Works Downtown, adjacent to Odalisque Café.

In English and French with English subtitles. In this breakneck new thriller from legendary filmmaker Costa-Gavras (Z, Missing), multinational corporations supplant traditional nation states as the new global mega-powers. French comedian Gad Elmaleh (Midnight in Paris), in a charismatic change of pace, plays Marc Tourneuil, a novice investment bank CEO who demonstrates a savvy balance of naïve populism and cutthroat instinct as he sails the chaotic waters of international finance. By fending off hostile takeovers and backstabbing coups—most notably from an American financier played by Gabriel Byrne—Marc channels the director’s take on class warfare, the morality of convenience and the mercenary swiftness of fortunes lost, found and taken. Are Marc’s greed and ambition too big to fail? Costa-Gavras has made a career of offering few easy answers to tales of political turmoil, and the endlessly entertaining Capital is no exception as it wades through sex, money and power with the auteur’s cinematic instincts alive and flourishing.

—Sterling Hedgpeth


Additional Information

Z earned two awards at the Cannes Film Festival : Prix Spécial du Jury à l’unanimité (Jury’s Special Award, voted for unanimously) and Prix d’Interprétation (Award for Best Actor) for Jean-Louis Trintignant. New York Critics Award. Two Oscars (five nominations) ; Missing Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival. Prix d’interprétation (Award for Best Actor) for Jack Lemmon at the Cannes Film Festival. Writers Guild of America Award. Oscar for Best Screenplay (4 nominations) ; Music Box Golden Bear Award at the 1990 Berlin Film Festival. Oscar nomination for Jessica Lange. Amen Best European film 2002 : foreign press association awards in Italy. Best European film 2002 : foreign press association awards in France. Best Screenplay 2002 : Cesar Paris ; Le Couperet (The Ax)