5@5: Innocent When You Dream

  • 3020 Laguna St. In Exitum 3020 Laguna St. In Exitum
  • A Truncated Story of Infinity A Truncated Story of Infinity
  • At the Bar At the Bar
  • Coming Home Coming Home
  • F-Line F-Line
  • The Visitor The Visitor
  • Winter Shower Winter Shower


Sequoia 1 Tue, Oct 8, 2013 5:30 PM
Film Info
Section:5 @ 5 Shorts
Country:US, Netherlands


“It’s memories that I’m stealing, but you’re innocent when you dream.” This wide-ranging meditation on states of awareness starts with Kyoungju Kim’s haunting Winter Shower (US 15 mins), about an elderly woman’s mysterious adventure. Dialogues on language and libations preoccupy the leads of Jason Headley’s At the Bar (US 6 mins). San Francisco’s F-Line (US 9 mins) is the transit muse for Silvia Turchin’s beautiful experimental film. An epic journey begins at home when you can walk through walls in George Dechev’s animated The Visitor (Neth- erlands 8 mins). Paul Trillo’s A Truncated Story of Infinity (US 8 mins) explores a universe of alternate timelines and possibilities in even the most modest of lives. Ashley Rodholm and Joe Picard’s evocative 3020 Laguna St. in Exitum (US 10 mins) chronicles the art installation within a San Francisco house slated for destruction, and in Chris Olness’ short, an astronaut finds adjusting to everyday life difficult after Coming Home (US 5 mins).

—Sterling Hedgpeth

*Be sure not to miss the 5@5 Audience Favorites program on October 13 at 8:00 pm at 142 Throckmorton. Selections will be based on 5@5 audience votes. Also featured will be the world premiere of the digitally restored 1980 short Black Angel.

Included Shorts

Winter Shower (15min) More
At the Bar (2min) More
F-Line (9min) More
The Visitor (8min) More
A Truncated Story of Infinity (8min) More
3020 Laguna St. In Exitum (10min) More
Coming Home (5min) More