The Human Experiment



Sequoia 1 Thu, Oct 10, 2013 3:30 PM
Film Info
Section:Valley of the Docs
Active Cinema
Running Time:78
Director:Dana Nachman and Don Hardy
Producer:Chelsea Matter
Dana Nachman and Don Hardy
Screenwriter:Dana Nachman
Cinematographer:Don Hardy
Brad Williams
Editor:Don Hardy
Cast:Sean Penn (narrator)
Print Source:Submarine


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World Premiere

Rates of autism, cancer and infertility have risen along with the strategic deregulation of the chemical industry and its $52-million-per-year lobbying effort. But before the tsunami of statistics drowns you in despair, narrator and executive producer Sean Penn introduces us to a band of unlikely activists with a personal stake in testing and regulating the chemicals we encounter daily in compounded low-level exposure. They are stepping in where the defanged, corrupt EPA and USFDA have been failing us for years. Award-winning directors Dana Nachman and Don Hardy break down the cynical and methodical approach taken by the chemical industry, which follows the tobacco industry playbook, to remain unregulated and influential while saving their bottom line. The Human Experiment looks beyond the entrenched patronage system to raise public awareness, consumer ire and responsible corporate action. You’ll be inspired by these passionate activists waging a David and Goliath battle to protect us all.

—Carol Harada


Additional Information

The Human Experiment is directed and produced by Emmy Award®-winning journalists and filmmakers Dana Nachman and Don Hardy (Witch Hunt, Love Hate Love). Their prior films premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival and were broadcast on MSNBC and The Oprah Winfrey Network.