The Burdens They Carry


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5@5 Life Is for Living
Sequoia 2 Sat, Oct 5, 2019 11:00 AM
“In this world, there is so much anger. Our lives are in danger. We are all living in fears. We’ve got to stop the tears.” We may be living in challenging times, but today’s teen filmmakers are using film purposefully—and creatively—to tell stories that both confront and counteract the darkness. In this peer-reviewed collection of youth-made shorts, no genre is left unturned—from sci-fi to superheroes, serial-killer comedy to animated adventure: fortissimo (Lilith Jörg, Germany 2019, 2 min), The Cold Season (Josiah Stendel, US 2019, 10 min), Painting the Town: The Street Art of Detroit (William Higbie, US 2018, 10 min), BaBam (Nick Sherman, US 2019, 6 min), Pliashka (Yegor Bondarenko, Ukraine 2017, 4 min), Passenger (Cal Thacher, US 2019, 8 min), Fangs for the Memories (Mason Roech, US 2019, 5 min), The Burdens They Carry (Alyssa Andrews, US 2019, 12 min), Diluted Fear (Jared Goudsmit, US 2017, 5 min), Acceptance!!!!
Film Info
Running Time:12 min.
Director:Alyssa Andrews
Producer:Alyssa Andrews
Terry Andrews
Terrye Andrews
Screenwriter:Alyssa Andrews
Cast:Cory Kays
Adam Flowers
Kyle Summers


A Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD struggles to overcome the burdens of his hidden past.

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