Where's My Roy Cohn?


Sequoia 2 Sat, Oct 5, 2019 4:45 PM
Sequoia 2 Tue, Oct 8, 2019 12:00 PM
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Section:Valley of the Docs
Running Time:97 min.
Director:Matt Tyrnauer
Producer:Matt Tyrnauer
Corey Reeser
Marie Brenner
Joyce Deep
Andrea Lewis
Editor:Andrea Lewis
Print Source:Sony Pictures Classics
Note Writer:David Fear


Roy Cohn loved the best tables at the finest restaurants, the toughest legal cases, the richest and most famous as his friends. But what this notorious New York lawyer loved more than anything was power, and he spent his entire career going after it by manipulating the media, spinning setbacks into personal PR “wins,” and a simple credo: Never apologize—just attack. It was a lesson he’d pass on to everyone from political hopefuls to paparazzi-bait clients to protegés like a real-estate developer named Donald Trump. Acclaimed documentarian Matt Tyrnauer (Studio 54, Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood) gives us the definitive look at one of the most divisive figures of the 20th century: a man who made his name as Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand man during the HUAC hearings, who represented Mafia capos, and counseled President Reagan, and whose shadow looms far too large on today’s divided states of America.

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Additional Information

Matt Tyrnauer is a writer, director, producer, award-winning journalist, and partner/co-founder of Altimeter Films, whose films include Valentino: The Last Emperor, Studio 54, Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Citizen Jane: Battle for the City; and Jean Nouvel: Reflections. Tyrnauer’s upcoming projects include the dramatic adaptation of his Vanity Fair article “Once Upon a Time in Beverly Hills,” a dramatic adaptation of Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, a dramatic adaptation of Citizen Jane, and Home, a multi-part documentary series. As a journalist, Tyrnauer has written for Vanity Fair, where he was editor-at-large and special correspondent. His work has also appeared in GQ, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, L’Uomo Vogue, and Numero.