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Century Larkspur Fri, Oct 4, 2019 8:15 PM
Century Larkspur 3 Sat, Oct 5, 2019 4:30 PM
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Section:US Cinema
Resist Revolt Reform
Running Time:96 min.
Director:Ben Rekhi
Producer:Brenda Gilbert
Erik Matti
Screenwriter:Rona Lean Sales
Ben Rekhi
Cinematographer:Daniella Nowitz
Editor:Liza D. Espinas
Cast:Alessandra De Rossi
Jake Macapagal
Art Acuna
Jess Mendoza
Angeli Bayani
Micko B. Laurente
Print Source:Ben Rekhi


Since the start of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s take-no-prisoners war on drugs campaign, his policy has led to the deaths of over 5,000 people and drawn harsh criticism from human rights organizations across the globe. American director Ben Rekhi examines this devastation through the lives of Maria and Arturo—a married couple, both former addicts, who must sign up for “voluntary rehab” in order to qualify for government aid. In the aftermath of her husband’s mysterious murder, Maria descends into the dark world of Philippine government corruption in her quest for answers. Rekhi weaves a truthful account of government-sanctioned violence into the intimate struggles of a mother who is pushed to the limit to protect her children from the capital’s worst criminals, cops, and drugs. Equal parts drama and crime thriller, and impressively shot on location, Watch List immerses the viewer in the “mean streets” of Manila, shedding light on the challenges of life, for many, in the Philippines.

Additional Information

Ben Rekhi got his break working for the Coen Brothers in the camera department of O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soon after, he was hired by George Clooney to shoot the behind the scenes for his film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Rekhi’s directorial debut Waterborne won an Audience Award at SXSW, and his second film The Ashram starred Academy Award® winner Melissa Leo and Kal Penn. While premiering Watch List, he is currently post-production on The Reunited States, a documentary which profiles people who are promoting depolarization during these divisive times.