Song Without a Name (Canción sin nombre)


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Section:World Cinema
Mind the Gap
¡Viva el Cine!
Running Time:97 min.
Director:Melina León
Producer:Inti Briones
Michael J. White
Melina León
Screenwriter:Michael J. White
Melina León
Cinematographer:Inti Briones
Editor:Manuel Bauer
Melina León
Cast:Pamela Mendoza
Tommy Párraga
Lucio Rojas
Maykol Hernández
Print Source:Film Movement
Note Writer:Victoria Jaschob


Esta película maravillosa con una estupenda fotografía es un de las películas más comentadas y sentimentales del año. En la década de 1980 en Perú, una mujer indígena va a una clínica para dar a luz, solo para que su hija desaparezca. Uniendo fuerzas con un periodista, los dos descubren la corrupción en los niveles más altos del gobierno. Con una puntuación melancólica de Pauchi Sasaki, este sorprendente debut se inspiró en hechos reales.

An indigenous woman living outside Lima, Peru, pregnant Georgina sells potatoes in the market and performs in a traditional dance troupe with her partner. She’s lured to the capital to give birth after hearing a radio announcement about a clinic there, a come-on which proves too good to be true when her newborn is stolen from her. Desperate to find her daughter and ignored by the police, a distraught Georgina joins forces with Pedro, a newspaper reporter hiding secrets of his own. In an effort to discover the truth, Georgina and Pedro collect testimonials from the mothers of other kidnapped children and uncover corruption at the highest levels of government. Based on actual events in 1980s Peru, director Melina León based her debut feature on a story first reported by her father, Ismael. This astonishing drama, which premiered at Cannes earlier this year, is filmed in lustrous black and white and features a brooding score by Pauchi Sasaki.

EXPECTED GUESTS: Director Melina León, Co-Writer-Producer Michael J. White


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Additional Information

Melina León is a Peruvian director based in Lima and New York. Graduated from MFA film of Columbia University, her short film El paraíso de Lili (Lili’s Paradise) premiered at the New York Film Festival and won 11 awards, including Best Latin American Film at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival. Her debut feature, Song Without a Name, is inspired by a true account of child trafficking originally reported by Ismael León, her father.