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Section:Valley of the Docs
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Running Time:75 min.
Director:Prune Nourry
Producer:Alastair Siddons
Angelina Jolie
Sol Guy
Darren Aronofsky
Prune Nourry
Screenwriter:Alastair Siddons
Prune Nourry
Cinematographer:Roberto De Angelis
Marisa Velez
Patrick Ghiringhelli
Zachary Bako
David Cailley
Prune Nourry
Franklin Burger
Julia Fabry
Julien Meurice
Agnès Varda
Editor:Paul Carlin
Prune Nourry
Cast:Prune Nourry
Agnès Varda
Print Source:Cohen Media Group
Note Writer:Melissa Howden


Women’s bodies and fertility are the themes that knit together multidisciplinary artist Prune Nourry’s work in a career that has traversed the globe with sculptural installations, solo shows, and performances (among them Terracotta Daughters, Holy Daughters, Holy River, and Contemporary Archeology). Those themes remain, but Nourry turns her gaze inward (with occasional aid and support from the great Agnès Varda) following her breast cancer diagnosis in this, her feature filmmaking debut. Like Nourry’s previous oeuvre, Serendipity plays with genre—blending art film, first-person documentary, and nonfiction journey—while also considering her body of work from a different perspective, a view in which her physical body becomes the framework literally and metaphorically. An unfailing collector of images and ephemeral moments, now the artist is both moment and image, a circumstance wherein the patient is artist, artist is patient, and art becomes medicine. "When you are ill, you realize that health is everything," says Nourry, "And the essentials to life really are health, love, and art."

EXPECTED GUEST: Director Prune Nourry, Moderated by Lars Ulrich (October 7th)

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Additional Information

Born in France in 1985, Prune Nourry is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in science and anthropology, particularly in bioethical issues. Her work combines sculpture, installation, performance, video, and photography. Long-term projects such as the ‘Army of Terracotta Daughters’ have brought her to international attention and the Guimet Museum in Paris recently honored her with a retrospective of her work. Serendipity is her debut as a film director.