Right to Harm

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Film Info
Section:Valley of the Docs
Mind the Gap
Active Cinema
Running Time:75 min.
Director:Matt Wechsler
Annie Speicher
Producer:Matt Wechsler
Annie Speicher
Screenwriter:Matt Wechsler
Cinematographer:Matt Wechsler
Editor:Matt Wechsler
Cast:John Ikerd
Maria Payan
Dan Mack
Elsie Herring
Lynn Utesch
Sonia Lopez
Print Source:Matt Wechsler
Annie Speicher
Note Writer:Brendan Peterson


We’ve all had difficult neighbors. But what do you do when a breeding barn of 26,000 pigs moves in next door? This riveting exposé reveals the extreme effects of factory farming on five rural communities across the United States. Filmmakers Matt Wechsler and Annie Speicher focus on the real-life stories of people taking on corporate farming interests. In addition to raising questions about animal cruelty, these Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations produce large amounts of untreated waste, leading to dirty water and polluted air for the surrounding areas. Right to Harm chronicles the grassroots efforts of everyday people battling big money companies and local governments, while raising awareness of the devastating health risks that come with these jam-packed animal farms. Disturbing, illuminating, and inspiring all at once, this doc exposes an under-the-radar national crisis and celebrates a diverse collective fighting for their right to have healthy lives in their own homes.

EXPECTED GUESTS: Director Matt Wechsler, Q&A Panelists Nicolette Hahn Niman and Zeenab Aneez

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Additional Information

Matt Wechsler is a director, writer, producer, and editor. After making half a dozen shorts, he made his feature in 2011 with the documentary Different Is the New Normal, co-directed by John Block. In 2016, he directed Sustainable, produced by his wife, Annie Specher, and the winner of the 2016 Global Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Achievement.. Together, they directed Right to Harm (2019), focused on factor farming.

Annie Speicher is a director, producer, editor, and sound mixer. She made her producing debut with I Am Peace (2014), a documentary short, produced by her husband, Matt Wechsler. She makes her feature directing debut with Right to Harm (2019), co-directing with Wechsler.