The Report

Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:118 min.
Director:Scott Z. Burns
Producer:Steven Soderbergh
Jennifer Fox
Scott Z. Burns
Kerry Orent
Michael Sugar
Eddy Moretti
Danny Gabai
Screenwriter:Scott Z. Burns
Cinematographer:Eigil Bryld
Editor:Greg O'Bryant
Cast:Adam Driver
Annette Bening
Jon Hamm
Ted Levine
Maura Tierney
Michael C. Hall
Print Source:Amazon Studios
Note Writer:David Fear


An expert on national security, Daniel Jones was tasked by a US Select Committee on Intelligence to investigate the use of waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and other “enhanced interrogation” techniques in the War on Terror. He would eventually discover an entire infrastructure that not only sanctioned but encouraged the violation of human rights in the name of our nation’s greater good, which ultimately came with a billion-dollar price tag and little usable info. He compiled a massive report on every morally reprehensible wrong turn—but because “the United States does not torture,” the powers that be want the dossier to disappear. It’s up to Jones and his ally, Senator Diane Feinstein, to make sure the general public knows what happened. Writer-director Scott Z. Burns constructs a compelling case study regarding the necessity of transparency, accountability, and speaking truth to power. Blessed with stellar across-the-board performances from an all-star cast—notably Adam Driver as the cool, collected Jones and a knockout Annette Bening as a feisty, take-no-guff Feinstein—it’s a real-life thriller that plays like an All the President’s Men for the modern age.

EXPECTED GUESTS: Director Scott Z. Burns, Subject Daniel Jones

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