Rémi, Nobody's Boy (Rémi sans famille)


Sequoia 2 Sun, Oct 13, 2019 2:00 PM
Film Info
Section:Family Films
Running Time:108 min.
Director:Antoine Blossier
Producer:Eric Jehelmann
Philippe Rousselet
Screenwriter:Antoine Blossier
Cinematographer:Romain Lacourbas
Editor:Stephane Garnier
Cast:Daniel Auteuil
Maleaume Paquin
Ludivine Sagnier
Virginie Ledoyen
Jacques Perrin
Jonathan Zaccaï
Print Source:TF1
Note Writer:Jeff Campbell


Adapted from the classic 1878 French novel Sans famille by Hector Malot, Rémi, Nobody’s Boy transports audiences to an idealized 19th century world of impossibly golden sunsets, verdant hills, and medieval stone villages for the heartwarming hero’s journey of an orphaned, 10-year-old boy, Rémi (Maleaume Paquin), and the aging traveling performer, Vitalis (Daniel Auteuil), who takes him under his wing. Across the French countryside with his showdog Capi and acrobatic monkey Pretty-Heart, through one gentle misadventure after another, Vitalis mentors Rémi to find his voice and his courage, teaching him to sing with such beautiful longing that workers stop in the fields to listen. Yet no one is who they seem: Vitalis seeks redemption for secrets too painful to speak, and Rémi discovers clues to his past that will transform his future. Giving this fairytale genuine gravitas is the pair’s winning chemistry: charming Paquin is a natural, and acting legend Auteuil conveys mischief and melancholy in his road-worn face and twinkling eyes. The cinematography is lush, the score symphonic, and the bittersweet message timeless: that the sources of sorrow and compassion are one. Age 10+

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Additional Information

Antoine Blossier is a French director and screenwriter. After obtaining his Literary Baccalaureate, Blossier studied cinema at the University of Paris III. Upon graduation, he embarked on his film career as a stage director and assistant director before making his feature-length directorial debut in 2010 with the horror thriller Prey. Fond of switching between genres, his second feature, The Grad Job (2014), was a comedy and now Blossier aims for an adventure rooted in French culture with his third feature, Rémi, Nobody's Boy (2018), adapted from Hector Malot's celebrated novel.