The Reformer. Zwingli: A Life's Portrait (Zwingli)


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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Resist Revolt Reform
Running Time:128 min.
Premiere Status:US
Language:Swiss German
Director:Stefan Haupt
Producer:Anne Walser
Mario Krebs
Screenwriter:Simone Schmid
Cinematographer:Michael Hammon
Editor:Kaya Inan
Cast:Max Simonischek
Sarah Sophia Meyer
Anatole Taubman
Stefan Kurt
Rachel Braunschweig
Print Source:C-Films AG
Note Writer:Jesse Knight


Zurich, 1519. Arriving with nothing but his impassioned eloquence and radical ideas (e.g. clerics should be free to marry who they choose—radical even today), a young priest sparks a revolution that would challenge the Catholic stronghold over the people, reforming a faith, a nation, and the world. Based on the extraordinary life of Ulrich Zwingli, this lush historical epic reveals how one man’s powerful words and deeds took aim against the tyranny of the time and its suffocating religious strictures. Amid charges of blasphemy and heresy, Zwingli’s denunciation of Biblical hypocrisy slowly begins to sway others to his side, including Anna, a devout widow with a passion for learning. As Zwingli’s controversial positions advance the city toward civil war, his deep bond with Anna is at stake. Multiple award-winning director Stefan Haupt (The Circle) and lead actor Maximilian Simonischek (The Divine Order, MVFF 2017) craft an intensely vibrant reconstruction of a pivotal moment in Swiss history and an incendiary romance set amid a period of intense transition.

Additional Information

Born in Zurich in 1961, Stefan Haupt attended the Zurich Drama School. In 1998, he founded his own production company, Fontana Film. His feature film debut Utopia Blues (2001) was honored with the Swiss Film Prize for Best Film. He signed several documentaries including I’m Just a Simple Person (1998), Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: Facing Death (2003), and A Song for Argyris (2006).