The Prince (El príncipe)



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Section:World Cinema
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Running Time:96 min.
Premiere Status:North American
Director:Sebastián Muñoz
Producer:Marianne Mayer-Beckh
Screenwriter:Sebastián Muñoz
Luis Barrales
Cinematographer:Enrique Stindt
Editor:Danielle Fillios
Cast:Juan Carlos Maldonado
Alfredo Castro
Gastón Pauls
Sebastián Ayala
Lucas Balmaceda
Print Source:Artsploitation Films
El Otro Film
Niña Niño Films
Le Tiro
Note Writer:K.M. Soehnlein


Un adolescente en una prisión chilena de los años 70 es acogido por un compañero de celda mayor conocido como The Stud, que gobierna esta sociedad masculina cargada de erotismo con brutalidad y ternura. El príncipe se abre y cierra con sangre, pero en su corazón palpitante, es sexy y una historia de amor poco convencional. Esta película contiene material sexualmente explícito y algunas imágenes inquietantes.


Jaime is an orphaned teenager in 1970s Chile, sent to prison after a rash act of violence. His mouth set in defiance and fear, Jaime hardly speaks at first, obeying the commands of an older cellmate called The Stud—played with smoldering ferocity by MVFF regular Alfredo Castro (Museo, MVFF 2018; Neruda, MVFF 2016)—who takes Jaime under his wing and nicknames him The Prince. As their bond deepens, the erotically charged world of the prison takes on a steamy air of Derek Jarman by way of Jean Genet, alternating moments of brutality and tenderness among the shifting power games of this aggressive machismo society. Amid an economy of bartered polyester garments and tango guitar lessons, Jaime finds his voice and must confront whether he’s more truly himself behind bars than he ever was in the stifling life he left behind. Winner of the coveted Queer Lion at this year's Venice Film Festival, The Prince opens and closes in blood, but at its beating heart, it’s an unconventional—and very sexy—love story. This film contains some sexually explicit material and some disturbing images.

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Additional Information

Sebastián Muñoz (b. 1973) graduated from the Cinema School of the Arcis University and has been working as a production designer for some of the most significant films in contemporary Chilean cinema. In 1996, he shot his first short film Happiness and, in 1997, Good Luck. The Prince is his first feature film.