State of the Industry Panel


Rafael 3 Sat, Oct 12, 2019 11:30 AM
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Section:Behind the Screens
Running Time:75 min.


In June of this year, the New York Times interviewed several prominent Hollywood figures to answer questions like: “Can anything beyond blockbusters succeed in theaters?”; “Will the next generation care about movies?”; “Can greater opportunities for women and people of color save an industry in turmoil?” IndieWire responded with thoughts from several people in the independent exhibition, distribution, and non-profit community, highlighting the many differences between the Hollywood system and independent filmmakers, exhibitors, and distributors. At a time when there is significant change, anxiety, and fear within the industry as a whole, when more films are being made, but becoming harder to distribute, how do independent filmmakers make a return on their investment? Our panel of producers, directors, and industry insiders share their perspective on what it will take to sustain a diverse and sustainable film culture.

MODERATOR: MALINA SAVAL, Features Editor, Variety


  • BOB BERNEY, Founder, Picturehouse, former head of Marketing and Distribution, Amazon, Executive Producer, The Women
  • JOHN SLOSS, Founder, Cinetic Media, Producer, Last Flag Flying, Boyhood
  • BRAD BIRD, Director, The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, Ratatouille
  • DAWN PORTER, Director, Gideon's Army, Trapped, Bobby Kennedy for President