The Lighthouse


Film Info
Section:US Cinema
Running Time:110 min.
Director:Robert Eggers
Producer:Rodrigo Teixeira
Jay Van Hoy
Robert Eggers
Lourenço Sant' Anna
Youree Henley
Screenwriter:Robert Eggers
Max Eggers
Cinematographer:Jarin Blaschke
Editor:Louise Ford
Cast:Willem Dafoe
Robert Pattinson
Print Source:A24
Note Writer:Joe Bowman


SPOTLIGHT ON ROBERT PATTINSON: In his eagerly anticipated follow-up to The Witch, director Robert Eggers enlists the prodigious talents of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe for a stunning Gothic thriller—winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at Cannes—set on a tumultuous isle off the coast of New England. Teetotalling young apprentice Ephraim Winslow (Pattinson) begins a four-week stint tending to the island’s lighthouse under the tutelage of the Ahabian 'wickie' Thomas Wake (Dafoe). As a monstrous storm approaches, Ephraim begins to unearth the mysteries of the island, the lighthouse, and its mysterious keeper, and his curiosity is rewarded with blindingly incendiary results. Shot on stunning black-and-white 35mm film and loosely inspired by the writings of Herman Melville and poet Sarah Orne Jewett as well as the diaries of late-19th century lighthouse keepers, Eggers sets the stage for a wildly impressive acting showdown between two powerhouse artists, who deliver riveting full-bodied performances that rank among the best of their careers.

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Director Robert Eggers