From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock: A Reporter's Journey


Century Larkspur Thu, Oct 10, 2019 8:45 PM
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Section:Valley of the Docs
Resist Revolt Reform
Running Time:89 min.
Premiere Status:World
Director:Kevin McKiernan
Producer:Kevin McKiernan
Screenwriter:Kevin McKiernan
Cinematographer:Haskell Wexler
Kevin McKiernan
Editor:Carl Pfirman
Print Source:7th Art Releasing
Note Writer:Ali Giordani


Journalist and filmmaker Kevin McKiernan (Good Kurds, Bad Kurds: No Friends But the Mountains) explores the complexities of revolution in the meditative From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock: A Reporter’s Journey. At once poignant and educational, McKiernan—who was a rookie when he began this journey nearly 50 years ago—provides an entrance point into the oft-overlooked history of Native American uprisings. Tracing the recent history of activism from the 1973 confrontation at Wounded Knee to the 21st-century pipeline protests at Standing Rock, McKiernan repurposes his own archival footage to chronicle the longtime search for lost identity and reparations. An expert blend of eyewitness accounts from advocates and dramatic news coverage grounds the exploration of broken treaties, displaced communities, and generational grief. Focusing on outsider McKiernan and Yurok fisherman Willard Carlson (whom McKiernan photographed during the siege at Wounded Knee), the legacy of revolt helps to contextualize the present unrest and carve out a more equitable future.

EXPECTED GUESTS: Director Kevin McKiernan, Producer Udy Epstein

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Additional Information

Kevin McKiernan is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated war correspondent, photographer, and filmmaker. He began his career as a reporter for National Public Radio, and from 2002-2004, he was a producer and reporter in Iraq for ABC News. His documentaries include Good Kurds, Bad Kurd: No Friends But the Mountains (2000), the winner of several film festival documentary awards; Bringing King to China (2011); and Ethnic Cleansing in Burma: The Story of the Rohingya (2014), a short.